Children's Services

The Salvation Army Program provides for the special care of children and youth who are unable to remain in their own homes. The children range in age from infant to eighteen years of age.

Foster Care Services
The Salvation Army offers three types of foster care. Weekend or short term care is called Respite Care usually provided to give their foster parents a break. Regular Foster Care is defined as providing for the child's needs over a temporary period of time until a permanent living situation can be established. Legal Risk is the third type of program activity when there is a possibility that the child may be available for adoption. The foster family accepts the child on a temporary basis but will adopt if the child becomes legally free for adoption.
Adoption Services
The following are different types of adoption services provided by our program: Child Prep which prepares the child for the adoption, Child Profile which summarizes the Childs background and special needs, Family Profile which is a home study to evaluate the potential adoptive family and Finalization which is the final application steps leading to the adoption. Post Adoption Services to aid in supporting the needs of the child and family post adoption.
The Salvation Army also provides adoption services for private domestic or international adoption.


Mission Statement

To provide for the temporary protection, support and nurturing of children placed in Salvation Army's approved and highly qualified foster and adoptive families. Services are provided in a holistic manner; promoting the safety and well-being of children while responding to the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the children and families we serve. We promote the delivery of services without discrimination while addressing the physical, social, and spiritual needs of all children placed in our care.

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