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Junior Conservatory 2012
July 18-24, 2012

Report by David LaBossiere

The last of the seven weeks of music at Camp Ladore is Junior Conservatory.  This is a chance for 9 to 12 year olds to come and work on their musical skills, be challenged spiritually, and make friends.  These campers come with a willingness to learn and an energy that makes this camp session exciting.

This year, students chose between band, piano, and guitar as their major classes.  Some of the band students found the music to be a bit too challenging, so a separate group was formed to help them catch up.  By the end of the session, those campers were back to playing together with the rest of the band.  The band wowed the audience at the final concert with selections like Daniel’s Band and The Light has Come.

Students also participated in theory, rhythm and sight-singing classes,  private lessons and the Junior Conservatory chorus.  The chorus was led by Priscilla Burgmayer who used no adult helpers.  It was all kids!  They gave outstanding performances, singing in up to three different parts, of Canon of Praise, Nothing But Thy Blood and He Shall Feed His Flock from Handel’s Messiah.
Each day began with devotions in small groups. 

This year’s lessons were taken from a book called “13 Very Awesome Promises and How God Always Keeps Them.”  Some of God’s promises discussed were to Bible figures such as Abram and David and others were Promises to us like that of Eternal Life.  Campers and staff alike studied the Bible and what it has to say about God’s blessings in our lives. 

One special treat came late in the session when Summer Brass came to visit.  This brass ensemble toured the Eastern Territory for five weeks.  In the morning, they helped the band by leading sectional rehearsals and giving lessons.  In the evening, they gave a concert which included some music written and arranged by Conservatory staff members Jennifer Crowell, Marcus Venables, and Harold Burgmayer.  It was also a homecoming for some staff members who left Ladore early to participate in this select group.   

Campers return to Junior (and eventually Senior) Conservatory year after year because of the chance  to make new friends, play some great music, and get to know God better at beautiful Camp Ladore.  Everyone involved is grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.