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Ladore Ai-Yuk-Pa Village – June 11-17, 2012

Report by Ronda Atwater

Summer after summer at Camp Ladore, the Lord never ceases to amaze us with his divine guidance, Holy Spirit-filled teaching, and overwhelming presence as we consecrate ourselves as instruments to be used by Him. The summer of 2012 again proved His faithfulness. For a full seven days in June, a team of ten senior counselor-instructors, eight junior staff, and five from the Pendel Music Department devoted themselves to training and preparation for the six weeks of music camps ahead.

During this time, special attention was given to small-group reading and reflecting on the book “Stomping Out the Darkness” (Neil Anderson)– an identity study on who we are, whose we are, and what those things mean for how we live our lives. For those of us who would be leading daily devotions, this study was a crucial time of preparation. A noteworthy change from last year was the implementation of senior staff devotion groups, which focused on their personal growth over the course of the summer.

To help us understand how our individual life experiences, God-given personalities, and spiritual gifts would enhance our roles as music instructors and co-workers in the coming weeks, we participated in several team-building activities. Each of us designed a poster containing big, colorful descriptions of ourselves – name meanings, life facts, successes, failures, and tough, faith-building experiences. These sheets lined the perimeter of the Ai-Yuk-Pa Village activity building and, at any time over the next few weeks, we added to one another’s posters words of encouragement or affirmation. (While the campers were there, we observed them reading our honest descriptions about ourselves and witnessing of the uplifting spirit between their leaders.)

In another exercise, we discovered how our personalities determined our conflict resolution styles, and then discussed how we would use our strengths (and be forgiving of each other’s weaknesses) over the summer. In planning conservatory’s daily worship gathering, (an addition to this year’s orientation), we immediately put this training into action as we worked cooperatively in groups to create an engaging and effective worship environment for the campers.

Along with a review of camp policies and procedures, we exercised our band and chorus conducting, shared private and group instructional techniques, and practiced giving lessons and evaluations in brass, voice, piano, and snare drum, especially important with the revised Music Arts Proficiency (MAP) curriculum. Brainstorming classroom management, homesickness strategies, rainy-day activities, games to play en route the mile-long walk to and from meals, and counselor-directed evening programs reminded us to always have a plan and to make every moment count!

After a day-and-a-half break, we reconvened for a briefing and time of prayer for the campers who would arrive the next day.

Music Department Staff
Dr. Harold Burgmayer
Lisa Collier
Ronda Atwater
David LaBossiere
Priscilla Burgmayer

Senior Staff
Tobi Alliyu
Clare Baruffaldi
Jennifer Crowell
Michael DeVault
Nikolay Gavlishin
Brad Kull
Sam McLaughlin
Eli Morgan
Lexi Payton
Ashlee Pyne

Junior Staff
Bethany DeVault
Richard Hayes
Caleb Laidlaw
Katie Laidlaw
Laura McLaughlin
Abigail Pastin
Brianna Presume
Matthew Spencer