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Star Lake Musicamp 2013

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace
Star Lake Musicamp
August 17-25, 2013

Report by Harold Burgmayer

The Pendel Division was well represented by 29 campers and 6 staff at the Territorial Musicamp at Star Lake in Bloomingdale, NJ. Special guests were Ivor and Janette Bosanko, who served as Music Directors for the Pendel Brass and Singers from 1975-79. It was great to recall many happy memories of the Bosankos time in Pendel. By the way, there is still no shortage of energy and vitality with the Bosankos even after a decade of retirement!. B/M Greg Payton, from the Eastern Michigan Division, who as the bandmaster Budd, Royle and Strehle Program Staff Chair (thanks to the Howard L. Green Foundation) provided phenomenal leadership to the Pequannock Band. Many of our campers achieved outstanding placements, including fourteen campers and staff in the top Star Lake Chorus.

Daily devotions centered around The Prayer of St. Francis. Highlights included a evening of comedy from our own Dave (Hopping) and Brian (Smith); Soloist Night (with Caleb Laidlaw performing Trumpet Call); Preview Concert; Festival of Voice and Brass; and the Finale Concert.. On the Thursday, Star Lake campers ventured to Yankee Stadium, waiting out a lengthy rain delay to enjoy four innings of baseball, before an evening of rehearsals. Many evenings after supper, there were opportunities to attend workshops, one by Harold Burgmayer introduced folks from across the territory to the recent revision to the M.A.P. (Music Arts Proficiency) Curriculum. Star Lake Musicamp 2013 concluded with a powerful worship service with Commissioner Swanson speaking, and a steady stream of recognition of Pendel participants at the closing Awards Ceremony. For it's S-T-A-R L-A-K-E M-U-S-I-C That's the camp for me!

We offer congratulations to the following award winners from Star Lake Musicamp 2013 with special guests Ivor and Janette Bosanko:

Pequannock Band Award - Ian Wettlaufer
Ramapo Chorus Award - Christian Mendoza
Star Lake Cornet Pin - Caleb Laidlaw
Kinnelon Chorus Award - Tosin Alliyu
Voice Class - Deanna Cantello
Star Lake Chorus Girl - Katie Laidlaw
Star Lake Timbrels - Brianna Presume
Cathy Post Alternate - Caleb Laidlaw
Thelma Hulteen Award - Ian Wettlaufer


Alexandra Flanagan
Jeremy Flanagan
Abigail Pastin
Jenna Shainline
Matt Spencer

Lancaster Citadel
Rachel Lee
Ian Wettlaufer

Cassandra Martinez-Kohr

Caleb Laidlaw
Katie Laidlaw

Philadelphia Citadel
Oyinda Alliyu
Tosin Alliyu
Brielle Jordan
Ashley Nereus
Brianna Presume

Philadelphia Pioneer
Ryan McCarthy
Christian Mendoza
Selena Mendoza
Marissa Riley

Philadelphia Roxborough
Jonathan Burgmayer
Deanna Cantello
Rebekah Epstein
Sam Laro

Brian Bowers
Benjamin Clarke
Christian Clarke

Rebekah Kisser

Sussex Chapel
Stacey Ackerman
Rebecca Brabitz

Harold Burgmayer
Caitie Collier
Jason Collier
Captain Mike Davis
Aaron Harris
Cathy Hayes
Major Alma Riley