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“Pure Praise”
Ladore Senior Conservatory 2013
June 24-July 4, 2013

Report by Lisa Collier

On June 24, 32 campers, aged 12 to 17, arrived at Ai-Yuk-Pa Village at Camp Ladore for the two weeks Senior Music & Arts Conservatory.  Students received daily instruction in theory and sight-singing as well as a private lesson on their instrument, participation in chorus and their choice of band, piano, guitar or dance/drama as a major. Students were also given time to practice individually.

The Bible studies this year were based on science principles related to promises from the Bible.  It was a very hands-on way to explore some of what the Bible has to say.  Our worship time on Sunday was based on Psalm 37:23-24. We talked about God’s invisible, yet guiding hand, and illustrated this by using a magnet to pull paper clips around a poster board. 

The Finale concert included six items each from the band and the chorus as well as a selection by the dance majors, two guitar and three piano solos. At the conclusion of the concert, students were recognized for completing MAP (Music Arts Proficiency) levels in brass, voice, and theory.  Many of our students made significant progress during the Junior Conservatory week.  Campers and staff alike were blessed to have had this opportunity to involve so many young people in learning and teaching music at lovely Camp Ladore!