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The Role of a Lifetime
TAM Conservatory
August 10-17, 2013

Report by Lisa Collier


The Pendel division was well represented at TAM Conservatory Chapter 13 by 10 delegates and 3 staff members. Each day started with delegates and staff joining together for worship lead by the Worship Team delegates and staff. Following this gathering the day was full with majors, technique classes, electives, small group Bible studies and evening programs.

Throughout the week of TAM Conservatory, students and staff have been looked at their “role of a lifetime.” In group devotions and small groups, using the text Posers, Fakers & Wannabes by Brennan Manning, they learned about being the person God created them to be. “God’s grace sets us free - free to be who we really are. No more games, no acts, no masks. Just yourself, as you really are in Him.” Tosin Alliyu, Philadelphia Citadel, said, "I thought I would make a perfomance journey this week and really improve my dance skills. I did - but my spiritual journey was much bigger."

The evening programs exposed the delegates to quality Arts programs. On Sunday evening Doug Berky and the Creative Arts Service Team (CAST) present "Kairos". The instructors opened their hearts to the delegates through testimonies, monologues, dances, songs, and more. On Wednesday evening the staff and delegates traveled to New York City to enjoy the musical "Newsies".

The TAM Finale featured powerful presentations from each major. The final item, presented by the full conservatory, was singing "My Life's Abundant!" expressing what it means to be a part of what God is doing.

And so, as delegates and staff return to their homes, they remove their masks and begin...The Role of a Lifetime.


Abigail Pastin
Emily Pastin

Lancaster Citadel
Zachary Smith-Michaels

Anissa Gulliver

Philadelphia Citadel
Oyinda Alliyu
Tosin Alliyu

Rebekah Kisser

Sussex Chapel
Rebecca Brabitz

West Chester
Eli Morgan

Wilmington Citadel
Alexis Duperree

Jason Collier
Lisa Collier
David LaBossiere