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Hail Star Lake Camp!
Star Lake Musicamp 2014
August 9-17, 2014

Report by Aaron Haris

There is really nothing that compares a place of legends, history, and spiritual retreat.  Towards the end of camp sessions at Ladore a buzz of anticipation begins as staff and campers begin to prepare for the experience of Star Lake Music Camp.  This year was no exception with Pendel sending 20 campers and 5 members of the staff.  With special guest John and Jane Lam, music educators and exemplary Salvationists from London, Ontario, our delegation was provided an excellent experience.  We were also privileged to be led in worship each day under Phil Leager.  While always a challenge musically, this year’s spiritual challenge came from 1 Timothy 1:5: “The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” 

Dr. Burgmayer had the challenge of leading the Hilltop band.  He took the opportunity expose the campers to classics such as Ball’s “Sound out the Proclamation,” and some of his own compositions such as the popular arrangement of “Incredibles,” always a crowd pleaser, amongst other selections. 

Aaron Harris had the task of reinstating the male chorus after several years on hiatus.  He ended the week sharing Burgmayer’s arrangement of “Wayfairing Stranger.” 

The Pendel delegation was represented in every band and most choruses.  Some beginners there for the first time, and young people well on their musical journey participating in Star Lake Band under John Lam and Star Lake Chorus under Jane Lam.  What a joy to see our young people tackling pieces like Goffin’s “Symphony of Thanksgiving” and Rutter’s “Distant Land.” 

While the music challenged the mind, it was just as much a privilege to be challenged by Commissioner Swanson on the final Sunday.   He reminded that God does love us, and His love can be made complete in our lives, leading many of our young people to spiritual transformation that day. 

We look forward to our young people progressing over this year and getting excited about the opportunity to again attend this special camp in 2015!

Cathy Post Memorial Scholarship - Jonathan Collier (Philadelphia Citadel)
Simon Burton Memorial Scholarship - Ian Wettlaufer (Lancaster Citadel)
Colonel Dorisceil Hooper Memorial Scholarship - Katie Cleveland (East Stroudsburg)
Star Lake Band Horn Pin - Jonathan Collier (Philadelphia Citadel)
Pequannock Band Award - Jeremy Flanagan (Boyertown)
Tabernacle Chorus Award - Arren Boyd (Philadelphia Citadel)
Bloomingdale Brass Award - Elijah Jackson (Philadelphia Citadel)
Bob Flinn Cornet Award (most campers from a corps - Philadelphia Citadel)