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Ladore Junior Conservatory 2015
July 22-29, 2015

Report by Brandon Finnie

In the final music session for the summer of 2015, children from the ages of 9-12 gathered at Camp Ladore seeking to further their musical abilities and strengthen their Christian faith. Upon their arrival the campers were able to choose a major of band, piano, or dance that would be their main focus for the conservatory. The campers would begin and end each day with a cabin group devotional exploring different names of God.

In addition to their major track classes and devotional times the campers took part in music theory, sight singing, private lessons, and choir rehearsals.  These small group classes afforded the campers an opportunity to make great strides in their musical development and provided our Junior and Senior staff with valuable teaching experience to take with them and utilize at their corps in the coming year.

The campers showcased their talents on two occasions, first at soloist’s night where each camper performed a solo that they prepared with the help of their private instructor.  On the final day of the camp session the campers and staff had a concert in the Ladore Lodge for their parents, officers, and guests at the lodge. The band, led by Aaron Harris and Brandon Finnie played wonderfully, highlighted by arrangements of Send the Fire!  (Erik Silfverberg) and  St. Michael (David Roswell)  The chorus led, by Lisa Collier, presented something for everyone in their selections of Psalm 91 arranged by Donna Peterson and a Disney Silly Sing-Along arranged by Alan Billingsley.

The campers were challenged both musically and spiritually during the conservatory and they proved to be more than up to the challenge.