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 “I Can…Because He Did”
Teen Arts Camp
June 23-28, 2015
Report by Stephany Darling

Empowerment was the goal for this year’s Teen Arts Camp. We wanted the teens who participated to know that they are empowered by Christ.
That is truth.

Teen Arts Camp took place in June over the course of five days.  Each day had a specific theme:

“I can be wise
“I can be strong and courageous
“I can be love and loved
“I can do all things through Christ

The message to teens is often:

“You’re not good enough,” or “You can’t do this or that.”
This message is false.

We wanted our young people to see the truth.
They are able to be wise and strong.
They are courageous
They are so loved
They have the ability to share Gods love.

We wanted them to feel empowered, because when they feel that way, they have the power to share with so many people.

It is transformational.

Arts Camp delegates were divided into three major tracks: Dance, Drama, and Chroeodrama. We were gifted with some amazing leaders this year from all over the world.  Each delegate also took techniques classes in both drama and dance and participated in a united “step” piece. The week’s Finale featured all of the young people’s training.

It was beautiful.

The real blessing came when we saw the little changes in them:

Dancing with their heads held high.
Projecting their voices.
Praying together.

We witnessed what God can do in such a short time.

How He can use us.
How He can transform us.
How he can empower us.