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Click HERE to learn more or register for Orientation. 

There is an urgent need for foster and adoptive families.  Becoming a family with The Salvation Children's Services takes approximately two to four months and is almost completely free.  You pay only for your clearances, physical exam from your doctor, and a well water test if necessary.  

Families who choose The Salvation Army Children's Services fill out far fewer forms than families with any other area agency - our application process is almost entirely online.  We've taken both the paper and the work out of paperwork!

We welcome all families who can provide a safe, loving home to a child in need.  Families who are patient, kind, have a safe home, are willing to learn, and can commit to a child or children make the best foster and adoptive parents.  

You are very needed so please reach out to us for more information or to join an upcoming Orientation!

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