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Pathway of Hope:  Long-Term, Self-Sufficiency

Families selected to participate in Pathway of Hope will undergo a careful review to ensure their strong commitment to improving their lives if given incentive, support, and opportunity. In return, Salvation Army case managers will provide intensive case management, linkage to resources, and tangible supports to help empower families to take their first steps out of poverty.


5 Step Plan

1) Identify highly motivated families who express a sincere desire to work to change their circumstances.

Only families with at least one child under 18 years of age
are considered.

2) Pair families with a social worker to assess their situation, identify their strengths, and set measurable goals. From the very start, families know that they will be responsible for working to improve their own situation.

3) Connect families with community resources and opportunities to help them out of crisis to self-sufficiency. 

4) Meet regularly with the families and hold them accountable to show progress.

5) Monitor progress at predetermined steps along the way, and track outcomes. 


The Goal Is

Long Term