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Pathway of Hope is assessment & outcome driven.  
Here are some of the results from families who have participated in Pathway of Hope, Eastern Pennsylvania (*Excerpt from the Impact Report, 2017)



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Pathway of Hope is having a positive impact on the lives of families who are seeking to achieve self-sufficiency.
Discover their journey and triumphs through their own personal success stories . . . 


The Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia - Youth Services

Click on the video below to learn about LaTayna from Philadelphia as she shares her experience of being a Pathway of Hope client.



Diane, from Lancaster County, was struggling to make ends meet as a full-time student with a 7-year-old son. She kept falling further behind until eventually, she reached rock bottom; Diane and her son became homeless. They stayed with friends as much as possible, but before long they had to go to a shelter where they stayed for five months. Although she continued to attend school and work hard, Diane knew she needed to find long-term stability. Fortunately, Pathway of Hope helped her achieve that goal. “Pathway of Hope provided financial classes that helped me with my budget and savings,” Diane says. “My son also went to class, and he learned how to budget and save his allowance money. I’ve also learned how to cook healthy meals for my family and how to shop for produce.” Now living in a small apartment with her son, Diane continues to participate in Pathway of Hope. ‘’I’m hoping the program can help me sustain myself,” she says. “I want to be a positive member of society. "The Salvation Army has done so much for me and my son,” she adds, “and they do so much for the community.”


Pathway of Hope, York Graduates Featured on Fox 43


A family living in Harrisburg recently came to America from South Africa, and for several months, they were staying with family members but not making any real headway toward being self-sufficient.  Their living situation was becoming more precarious with each passing day. Then, this family found their way to the Harrisburg Salvation Army. After discussions with the Harrisburg Pathway of Hope case worker, the family was enrolled into the Pathway of Hope program. In this program, their case worker worked with them to develop a very specific plan of action to meet their goals of finding jobs and getting their own apartment. After six weeks since entering the Pathway of Hope program, the Harrisburg Salvation Army helped the family members find jobs at Amazon; provided bus passes to help them get back and forth for the first two weeks; helped them develop a budget plan to save for a security deposit and rent payments; assisted the family navigate through a credit score issue; and helped the family finalize everything needed to rent an apartment. This family, thanks to the Pathway of Hope program, is now only a few steps away from total self-sufficiency.  
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