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Every child deserves a home where their needs are met, where they feel safe, and where they can thrive.  That home isn’t a reality for thousands of Pennsylvania children who can’t reside with their birth families and need a foster family to step in temporarily or an adoptive family to commit to them permanently.  With a variety of foster care and adoption options and expert services to support families, The Salvation Army Children’s Services welcomes you to join us in doing the most good for kids.  




The Salvation Army Children’s Services: Foster Care & Adoption connects children with safe, loving, and nurturing families who open their homes to help them have the childhood they deserve.  Serving all families, our services are offered without discrimination and with the best interest of the child and family at the forefront of all that we do. Learn More Here


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The Salvation Army Children's Services facilitates adoption through the Pennsylvania child welfare system. We connect families with children who have been in foster care and were not able to be successfully reunified with their birth families - children now in need of permanent loving and safe homes. 
Families who are prepared to learn about parenting children who have experienced trauma, families who are patient and caring, and families who have time and attention to give children who desperately need it make the best adoptive families.  
Adoption from the Pennsylvania child welfare system is almost completely free. Learn More Here 






Foster Care 

Becoming a foster parent with The Salvation Army Children's Services means becoming part of a community that works together to provide safety, stability, nurturing, and healing to children who have been through trauma. 
Foster parenting is an opportunity to be part of bringing a struggling family back together and can create wonderfully enriching and nurturing relationships.  
In 2019, there were just over 25,000 children in foster care and there are never enough families for all of them.  If you are over 21 years old, have income and a safe home, you are eligible to apply to become a foster parent and you are very needed.   Learn More Here




Adoption Facts: There are nearly 3,000 foster children in Pennsylvania waiting for a forever family. Most of them are over 8 years old; many are teens. The Salvation Army Children's Services helps match families with a child and guides them through the adoption process, usually at little to no cost to the family. 


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