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About Us

Guided by faith in God and love for all people, The Salvation Army has served the physical and spiritual needs of humankind since 1865, today we continue this mission in over 100 countries.

The Salvation Army has always seen people through intense difficulty while gently directing the healing with a strong spiritual component. This is why the foster care and adoption process lends itself so well to the Salvation Army's mission and character.  As a foster parent or adoptive parent, you can expect to receive the same care and concern from The Salvation Army throughout your experience as a foster or adoptive family with our program.

Our agency offers the highest quality service to the families and children that we care for, as such, our Allentown and Harleysville offices of Children's Services received 100% compliance for our Annual Department of Human Services 2016 Inspection, an accomplishment achieved by only about 5% of agencies in the state of Pennsylvania.


Florence Rhue - Director of Children's Services
Sue Shotwell - Placement Services Director
Lisa Auteri- Permanency Specialist
Sindy Berner - Community Resource Specialist
Sue Burnside - Visitation Coordinator
Julie Farnsworth - Permanency Coordinator
Stacy Flick - Family and Permanency Specialist
Angie Gillen - Outreach Coordinator
Kailey Graver - Visit Coach
Nicole Hirschman -  Foster Care Caseworker
Jessica Jacobs -  Office Administrator
Robyn Hubbard - Visit Coach
Stefanie Niemira- Foster Care and Permanency Caseworker
Laura Oursler - Family Resource Specialist
Michelle Thomas- Foster Care and Permanency Caseworker
Employment Opportunities:
There are no employment opportunities available at this time. Please check back at another time for updates.

Mission Statement

Doing the Most Good by Nurturing Children, Strengthening Families & Engaging Communities.