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The Steinruck's Story

Dear Salvation Army Children's Services:

Words cannot describe the amount of love and gratitude we have for your agency and staff. When we took the leap of faith to journey down the road of being foster parents, we had no idea what we were truly in for. Each child is different, each case is unique. The road is harder that we thought, and more miraculous that we ever dreamed. One thing remained the same throughout our two+ years so far - your constant love and support for our family unit.

When we were heading towards adoption of our son, it was as if we were all joining his new family, full of people who prayed for him, loved and supported him since the day he came to our home. You walked with us through every single family visit, all the emotions that spring up unexpectedly, the curveballs in our case, the hopes and dreams, the unconditional love we had for this child, without knowing if we would be his family some day. We gave him every ounce of ourselves, and he deserved everything we had to give. It was because of the amazing training provided by SACS that we knew there was no other option than to love him with a vulnerable heart, willing to be broken apart for him.

We have been so incredibly blessed with the staff and agency and will unequivocally recommend anyone who feels called to foster a child who needs a hand to hold, a family to be loved, a home to feel safe in, to work with Salvation Army Children's Services. The level of care for each foster family is above and beyond most of what we have experienced in the foster care world.

Thank you for everything.

Matt and Megan Steinruck

Atiya's Story

One phone call can change your whole life!   On April 6, 1999, I received a call from the Salvation Army about three children in need of a foster home.  I had just recently completed the process to become a foster parent and had specifically indicated that I wanted one child.  The saying, "God laughs while people plan is so true!"   Well, I agreed to take in 7 year-old twin boys and their 10 year old sister.   I was concerned because I am a single woman but I knew in my heart that this is what God wanted me to do.   After four months, the 10 year old was reunited with her birth father.  The boys visited with their biological parents until the parental rights were terminated.  On January 4, 2002, we "officially" became a family when our adoption was finalized.  My boys are now 16 and being their mom has been the most rewarding experience of my life.   We have maintained relationships with the older sister, biological father and other extended family members which has been very beneficial for both the boys and I. Being a foster/adoptive parent is not without its challenges.  However, I can honestly say that the few challenges cannot compare to the joy of nurturing my children in a safe, secure and loving home. They are wonderful boys, sports enthusiasts and honor roll students!   I recently decided to open up my home and heart to a new foster child and I am once again, waiting on that phone call.  I'm excited to find out what God has for me this time!

The Gredler's Story

We became an adoptive family to a sibling group because, even though we had said, "One, maybe two," God knew the plans in store for our family. We were approached to consider a sibling group of three children a little over two years ago. Our initial reaction of apprehension and fear was quickly replaced with an overwhelming sense that this was right and good. We had the space, the resources, and the love to offer to these children for any amount of time that they were in our home. What we didn't realize was that in return, we would receive the gift of family, complete with tea parties, infectious giggles and sandwich hugs. We are forever grateful for the nudging we had that day to take the leap of faith and say, "yes."