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Foster Care Services

“We have been so incredibly blessed with the staff and agency and will unequivocally recommend anyone who feels called to foster a child who needs a hand to hold, a family to be loved, a home to feel safe in, to work with The Salvation Army Children’s Services. The level of care for each foster family is above and beyond most of what we have experienced in the foster care world. Thank you for everything.”
Matt and Megan Steinruck, Foster and Adoptive Parents

Foster parents can have incredible impact on the life of a child in need by providing a safe, loving, temporary home at a time when their lives are in crisis. Children enter foster care many different reasons, but they all need the same thing: a foster family who is committed to giving them support, encouragement, and guidance through a troubling time. Foster families are an essential part of the work that is done to help give a biological family the opportunity to rebuild their lives. There is an urgent need for foster families. Any family who can provide a loving, safe environment for a child is welcome to apply. We offer our services without discrimination and with the best interest of the children we serve at the forefront of all we do.

The Salvation Army Children’s Services provides services for the following types of foster care:

Respite Foster Care: Families provide short-term care to foster parents who are already caring for children

Traditional Foster Care: Families provide for the temporary care of children who are in need of out-of-home care.

Legal Risk: Families provide care for a child on a temporary basis but are open to adoption should the child become legally free for adoption.