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Music & Arts Individual Programs

Music Arts Proficiency (M.A.P.) is a structured six-level curriculum for students of brass, percussion, piano, theory, and voice. This program tracks the progress of the students in each of the Salvation Army’s corps community centers. A report is published annually and released to each corps community center and its leaders and students. Level completion is recognized publicly and allows admittance into select ensembles. Updated M.A.P. forms and Instructor's Helps coming soon.




OPERATION: PIANO PLAYER provides individual professional piano instruction through a partial subsidy by highly qualified professional instructors for talented piano students who not only demonstrate the potential to become accomplished pianists, but have the potential to become successful in other musical areas. » More

OPERATION: MUSICIAN provides individual profession instruction through a full subsidy to young people in grades 9-12 who are teaching in their corps programs. Subsidy will be considered for brass, guitar, voice or dance lessons. » More