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Music & Arts Territorial Programs

Star Lake Musicamp is a nine-day camp serving musicians ages 13-25 from throughout the Northeastern United States.  The curriculum is similar to the Ladore Conservatory of Music, using high caliber instructors, some of whom are professional musicians.

Territorial Arts Ministry Conservatory is an eight-day conservatory for artists ages 14-25 from throughout the northeastern United States.  The purpose is to provide intensive training to equip and  encourage excellence in arts ministries that enhance our worship and support the mission of the Salvation Army.

Future All-Stars Weekend intended for Salvationist musicians aged 13 to 18 and will consist of expert musical instruction by members of the New York Staff Band, as well as times of Bible study, spiritual renewal and great fellowship.   This event is held annually in the spring.

Singing Stars Weekend is for Salvationist Vocalists aged 13 to 21. The delegates will join with the Eastern Territorial Songsters in a time of singing as a massed choir as well as times of vocal development, worship, prayer and fellowship among like-minded individuals.  The inaugural Singing Stars weekend was held in October, 2015.

Salvationist Star Search is a Talent Display that has been designed to encourage the development of soloists and groups in music and dramatic arts; provide a goal that will help motivate soloists and groups to work towards becoming their best in their chosen artistic fields; provide opportunity for performance, giving additional motivation for development of skills through participation on both local corps and divisional levels; and help soloists, groups and leaders to focus on doing their best to glorify God by developing the talents He has given them and then using their skills to bring a message and a blessing to those who listen.