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20 September 2015

The Salvation Army was honored to participate in Pope Francis' historic visit to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families on September 26-27, 2015.



Here are some facts about The Salvation Army Eastern Pennsylvania & Delaware's role during the Papal visit to Philadelphia . . . 


  • The Territorial Commander, Commissioner Barry Swanson, lead The Salvation Army delegation, along with the Divisional Leaders, Lt. Colonels Stephen and Janet Banfield and guests, for the World Meeting of Families Festival on Saturday and the Papal Mass on Sunday on the Independence Parkway.
Commander Swanson & Col Banfield Map room
  • As The Pontiff told Salvation Army General Andre Cox in a personal meeting in December 2014, despite theological differences between The Salvation Army and the Catholic Church, both have a shared dedication to serving the homeless, the hungry and the poor united through the love of God and one another. Pope Francis' visit to the City of Brotherly Love will be a special event indeed, with The Salvation Army lending a helping hand.



FOX 29 Good Day - Papal Visit from The Salvation Army of EPA.



Emergency Disaster Services - Feeding Operations



  • Through our Emergency Disaster Services program, The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia provided food, drink and other necessities at sites across the city to thousands of first responders and municipal workers. 


  • Over the course of 3 days, volunteers handed out approximately 70,000 pre-packaged lunches and hot dinners courtesy of Wawa.


  • Over 100 staff and volunteers participated in the 24-7 operation through Monday. They come from Philadelphia, Eastern and Central PA and sister Salvation Army divisions.


  • They also traveled throughout the secured areas delivering meals to emergency personnel at more than 50 sites.


  •  Volunteers staffed EDS canteen trucks at 6 fixed locations throughout center city, old city and the art museum areas cordoned off to incoming vehicle traffic.


o Parking lot at Cherry and N. 23rd Streets
o Underneath the Ben Franklin Bridge (2nd/3rd and Race Streets)
o Police Department HQ, 750 Race Street
o Franklin Learning Center, 616 N 15th St
o US Social Security Admin Bldg, 300 Spring Garden St.
o McCall Gen. George A School, 325 S 7th St.


  • The Salvation Army Headquarters: 701 North Broad Street (On-going operational management)



  • The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services provides basic needs and services to victims of disaster, while also assisting first-responders.




  • EDS is often one of the first on the scene to aid emergency response efforts by providing food, shelter, clothing and spiritual comfort.




Wawa participation in our feeding efforts



  • In addition to approximately 70,000 meals for public safety personnel, WaWa provided 1.5 Million Bottles of Water for the parkway hydration stations served free to attendees by Wawa volunteers; and water distributed to emergency responders by Salvation Army volunteers.
  • Menu items included breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks


Action News - Papal Visit from The Salvation Army of EPA on Vimeo.



Wawa Hoagies, Sandwiches, and Wraps

• Meatball, Beefsteak, and Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagies
• Buffalo Chicken, Caprese Ciabatta, Chicken Caesar, Peppered Turkey with Bacon Wraps
• Smokey Chipolte Turkey Cheese and Ciabatta Sandwich




Express Items for Convenience and Nutrition


• Protein Packs
• Grape and Cheese Pack
• Apple Snack Packs
• Apple Dippers with Peanut Butter
• Fruit and Cheese Tray
• Soft Pretzels
• Mac & Cheese
• Assorted Nuts
• Tastykake Items
• Yogurt
• Herr's Chips
• Granola Bars




Pendel Brass Band

"This performance is a joining of Christian faiths, both committed to the needs of the hungry and the poor through the gospel of Jesus Christ."

 "Music connects people on many levels. When God's a part of that mix, it's a very special event."


• The Salvation Army's Pendel Brass band had the great honor of playing at Logan Circle during the Festival of Families event on Saturday, September 26.

• As many as 50 Salvation Army brass and timbrel players took to the stage to play for the crowd estimated to be over one million people that day and likely to be seen by people all over the world via the internet.

• The performers are as young as teenagers and others are officers of The Salvation Army who have been playing for many years.




• Since its establishment in 1964, the mission of the Pendel Brass and Singers has been to communicate the love of God and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through music ministry, fellowship, and service. 
• The band plays a wide and varied repertoire of stirring marches, sensitive hymn tune settings, classical transcriptions, featured soloists, and more developed festival arrangements. The Singers perform arrangements of familiar hymn and gospel songs, as well as more recent Christian vocal literature.
• Each year, the Pendel Brass and Singers perform at least two annual concerts within the Pendel Division. 
• Within the Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory they collaborate with corps community centers and churches in musical worship and outreach. The group has also undertaken music and mission tours to USA South and West, Canada, South America, Scandinavia, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, and South Africa.




Statistics (For Philadelphia)

  • Over the past year, The Salvation Army provided more than 205,000 meals to those facing the threat of hunger, and more than 281,000 collective nights of shelter to those with nowhere else to go.
  • Collectively, more than 40,000 senior citizens participated in activities and events to keep them healthy and active, and youth attendance at activities and music programs totaled to more than 250,000.
  • The Salvation Army provided assistance to 7,000 individuals at Christmas and provided more than 18,000 toys and gifts so families in need could have the Christmas they deserve.
  • This is all thanks to the work of more than 14,000 volunteers who selflessly dedicated over 120,000 hours and countless amounts of energy to the cause of simply Doing the Most Good for those in need.

About The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia
The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia is a faith-based, comprehensive human service organization whose programs help individuals, families and whole communities lead healthier, safer and more productive lives. The Salvation Army is equipped to respond to both acute disasters such as fires and floods as well as the daily, ongoing struggles of the region's less fortunate individuals. Since 1879, The Salvation Army has a record of success stemming from its holistic approach to providing for the needs of the whole individual - physically, emotionally, economically and spiritually. The Salvation Army's programming operates from community centers and residential facilities throughout the Philadelphia region offering shelter, hot meals, counseling, early childhood development, recreational opportunities, music programs, after-school arts and educational programs, job training, activities for older adults, spiritual development, and drug rehabilitation. For more information, please visit


Did you know The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia provides these services each and every day?

• Emergency shelter for individuals and families

• Transitional housing for adults

• Group counseling

• Free music and arts instruction

• Money management counseling

• Job training and placement assistance

• Residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation

• Dance and exercise instruction

• Nutrition programs for seniors

• Before- and after-school enrichment and learning

• Spiritual comfort for disaster victims

• Bible study for incarcerated adults

• Homework assistance

• Disaster response

• Subsidized day care

• Vacation Bible School

• Referral services, including: 
o rental assistance, furniture, 
o utilities, clothing, healthcare

• Residential support for adults with developmental disabilities

• Holiday gift baskets for seniors

• Foster care and adoption

• Horticultural education

• Support for international work

• Fitness and wellness

• Anti-human trafficking

• Sunday school and worship services

• Service to the Armed Forces

• Job placement for the developmentally disabled

• Meals for homebound individuals

• Community center programs

• Holiday gifts for children of incarcerated parents

• Back-to-school supplies

• Home visits to shut-ins and nursing homes

• Drop-in center for domestic violence victims

• Feeding programs

• Youth and adult Bible studies

• Faith-based social programs for teens

• Drama and film-making

• Family-building activities

• Neighborhood summer day camps

• Summer youth camp in the Poconos

• Long-term housing for shelter graduates

• Youth and adult sports

• Life and parenting skills

• Toys and stuffed stockings for children

• Aquatics and competitive swimming

• Leadership development

• Residential apartments for low-income senior citizens



If you missed the Salvation Army Pendel Brass Band Performing During the Papal Visit On


Saturday, September 26 at The Festival of Families Event


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