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Due to the conditions of our plunge site, we have changed this event to a Polar Shower. This Alternate event will take place at:

The Salvation Army
30 Center St.
Milton, PA 17847

In coordination with our 2017 participants and sponsors we raised over $4,100 for our youth programs allowing us to send 17 kids to camp and provide life enhancing program to 12 kids. Join us in making our 2018 “take the Plunge” event better!



Take the Plunge Guidelines:


1. Participants are only allowed to enter the water once, additional entries are prohibited.
2. Individuals with preexisting heart conditions are not allowed to participate.
3. Individuals who are pregnant are not allowed to participate.
4. All participants must follow all instructions provided by Emergency Responders, Volunteers, or employees of The Salvation Army.
5. Participants are requested to abstain from using vulgar language while participating in the event.
6. Individuals under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate in the event.
7. Individuals between the ages of 14 and 17 need parental consent to participate.
8. The Salvation Army is not responsible for any injuries that may occur once participants leave the event.
9. The Salvation Army in not responsible for any medical treatment that may be needed following the event, if not identified prior to leaving.

Thank you to the following sponsors of our 2018 'Take the Plunge', your support is greatly appreciated!

Coup Agency
Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning
Firman's Auto Care
Kohls Stony Hill Tree Farm
Dunkin Donuts